WeStrong can help you become stronger, burn calories, and have you over all feeling better. Have you tried and tried on your own and never received the results you wanted?  Well, check your ego and keep reading.

What to expect when you come in.

WeStrong is strength and conditioning. When you walk in, foam roll /warm up/ workout. The workout can take many forms, but the basic template entails

A) Power/ Strength set

B) Strength/ cardio/endurance set  

 C) Cardio/ HIIT/ High rep set.

Never trained like this before and are worried about "being last"? , Go at your pace, learn your body, it will adapt, you can be progressed or regressed if needed.

 I want you to train at the level you are at, but then do just a little bit more than you thought you could.  I am not here to scare you or yell at you, but the fact is Change brings Change. You will not see the results you want by doing the same weights and exercise with medial effort everyday. You will not see inches come off your body by sticking with the same eating habits. There is no secret formula for your fitness goals or success. No end all be all type of training or style of eating. The fact is, wether you train at WeStrong, spin, run, box, no matter what you do for the rest of your life, do it the very best that you can, and then a little bit more. 

I value my programs and the progress of anyone that walks through my door. I try to keep a loose atmosphere but ready to work. I want to help you be better and enjoy seeing the progress in everyone, but you have to want to work at being better. You can drop the weights, you can sweat all you want, you can grunt if you have to. You can push others because my members will certainly push you.  But make no mistake, no one within my walls is better than anyone else. I don't care where you've trained, how much you lift, how pretty you are, check yourself or take that garbage to St Elsewhere. Can't take being coached or a critique by me, please keep your $$ and keep it moving to the next gym. 

Not offended? Still interested?

Email Us  Inquire about a free trial session by filling out the form below. NO WALK-INS PLEASE, YOU WILL BE TURNED AWAY.

WeStrong Monthly Membership Rates

1 Month Trial Membership: $90

- 12 sessions

"Doubles" Membership: $180

- 2 sessions per week. 8 total ($22.50 per class)

"Triples" Membership: $197

- 3 sessions per week. 12 total ($16 per class)

"Max" Membership: $220

- Unlimited sessions per week/month ($9 per class)

Personal Training Rates

1 session @ $85

6 session @ $80 = $480

8 session @ $75 = $600

12 sessions @ $70 = $840

Must be at least 18 years of age. Payment is made by credit or debit card and is processed via MINDBODY. Billing cycle occurs on either the 1st or 15th of the month.