“I couldn’t wait for success, so I went ahead without it.” Too often we post pone our lives waiting to achieve one goal after another.  We line all our ducks up in a row; not wanting to move forward until everything is just right.

We put off getting married until we’re all partied out.  We delay having children until our career is in full bloom.  We delay having guests over until we purchase new tableware.  We hold off on buying a nice suit until we’ve lost the weight.

We sacrifice living! We put off letting life happen because we are so busy strategizing and making sure every “I” is dotted and “T” is crossed.                                                                                         

Life doesn’t wait. It just keeps going, whether we are where we want to be or not. I like the idea of throwing myself into life – success or no success.  I am not promised tomorrow so I will live to the fullest today!