Girl, pick up those weights!!

Ladies, are you still working out like this?...

 ....but want look like this...


  Then girlfriend, it's time for you to pickup those weights. This is the part where you say," but I'm afraid to get big and bulky." Then I say, "save the drama for your mama." Then you say, " I don't want to get big like my boyfriend." Then I say,  "talk to the wrist cause the hand is pissed." Then you get the point.


Why lift weights? I could give you several health benefits you get from resistance training.....bbbuuuuutttt, I'll keep this simple, plain and vain.  THIN AIN'T IN, Strong chicks make waves and nowadays and everyone wants in. The issue I come across all the time is that women want that "look", but are hesitant to pick up that extra five pounds. Wether they don't belive that they can do it, or fear injury , or are scared of "bulking", there is always a roadblock for most women to increase risitance training. 


If these are the results you want........... 


.......then you must put in the work with weight.  


Step up your game, your push up game, your squat game, oly lifts, etc. You think Serena Williams and Sharapova  look and perform the way they do by swinging a freaking 5 lb tennis racket all day. You think the WWE Divas are just able to power slam each other by just putting on skimpy outfits and make up on? You think I'm too old to enjoy wrestling? (Ric Flair 4 life, wooooooooo!!) 


  Bottom line: Woman up!!!