Listen to your body.

It's Friday afternoon and we are about halfway through a 5pm session at J.C.K, when one of our members says, "Im done, I just dont have it." She gave it go, she got through the deadlifts and about 3 rounds of the met-con before she pulled the plug. I know what your thinking, she did half the workout, she should've just finished. I half agree. Sometimes you can push through and have an awesome workout,  but sometimes you just got to step on the brakes. In the case of, lets call her...Charlly, she said she had done some kind of workout earlier in the day, and im guessing she worked as well, plus its the end of the week and I'm sure she was active during the week. Now Charlly is a strong person. Physically she probably felt capable of performing, but at some point the motivation died out. On the outside, she didn't appear to be struggling. Perhaps the excercises that she could do with relative ease, felt rather difficult. Chances are that her central nervous system needed a recharge let alone her entire body. The point is that she spotted the difference between pushing through and pulling back. As much as she worked her body wasn't responding the the way she knows it can. She took the L with her chin up. Nothing wrong with that, one L can lead to 3 W's. Charlly always pushes through,  but this time she listened to her body. 

     Coach O