Reflect and adjust

Here we are, 2018. Another year gone, another blank page to fill. Another opportunity to look back and see where you fucked up last year, and another chance to not to step in the same pile of shit this year.

 Ask any successful person, one of the best tools to achieve your goals is “reflection” . Now, “success” is a stamp that can be put on any “goal”. Goals can take any shape, form , feeling, abundance, etc..............................(((proof reading/ reflecting))) ........but, goals and success are topics for another blog......see how I did that, I got off track, I “reflected”, now I can adjust and keep typing.

    Reflection comes in many ways but I’ll keep it in the fitness world for now. One of the easiest being simply going over any information you may have kepted pertaining towards your path en route to a goal(there’s that word again). Example, a trainning log. I tell my gym members just about all the time, track your progress, track what weight you attempted at which ever exercises.

    If you tell me your “goal” is to deadlift 400lbs, then you should have a record of what you currently lift, and keep track of every pound moved and excercise , so that on your journey to 400 you are reflecting and adjusting to be able to hit that mark. 

That reflecting on the information is critical to the success of your goal.

1) That info tells us what the next step is

2) If you hit the wall and stop progressing, then we can track and see what adjustment is needed.

3) Number 3 is psychological but I think this is probably the best reason, at least from a coaches perspective. Whenever a person is mentally defeated, I’ll go over their log and reflect with them on what they can physically do now vs when they first walked through my doors. I’m telling you, it’s like hitting the light switch. 

    You’ve heard the saying, how do you know where your going if you don’t know where you been. How are you going to run 5 miles if your not realizing that you continuously run 2 miles. How are you going to avoid stepping in the same shit when walking back from the store, if you don’t take note that the shit was by the 3rd tree in from the corner. I’m driving to the store from now on. ....reflect and adjust.


Coach O