We Strong Consistency Challenge

As most We Strong go’ers know this past weekend marked the end of our 1 Month Consistency Challenge. The Teams Choco V (Karim and Anna), Hair Force One (Kunal and Purav), Radio Active Teachers (Alex and Andrea), Ya Mutha (Yvette and CherryLou), and the Ms. Fits (Tereasa and I) were all fierce competitors, who show’d up, kicked ass, and hopefully all took something away from this!

For me, I wanted this challenge to get my ass to the gym. As the days get colder and darker I easily find excuses to stay inside and hibernate with Netflix. This push was needed to get me through the Holiday’s.

At the start, I was nervous that I would either fall off or my work/travel schedule would get in the way - as it usually does. But having Tereasa as a partner to hold me accountable, knowing she was changing her routine to get up and meet me at 6am, is exactly what I needed to keep me on track and stay focused!

Within the first week, I’m not sure if it was the endorphins kicking in or the smacktalk getting to my head but the competition was real and I was no longer afraid of self sabotage. More impressed at the dedication I saw in the other teams (They were not missing a damn day)! Better yet, instead of being tired at the end of a workday, I noticed I was feeling more energized, happier, and looking forward to getting to the gym rather than finding excuses not to. Not to mention my clothes started to fit better. 

Final results have yet to be posted but regardless of the outcome I’m glad I participated... proud of my team, happy to meet new people in the gym, and a little sad (although sore) to see it all end. Hopefully in the New Year we start another partner Challenge, ‘til then ...

A big Thank You to Coach O for starting this crazy shit, for keeping us healthy & safe during, continuously stirring the pot, and for always pushing us to be our best! 👊🏼 To my teammate T and her wife Ily, Thank You for being so damn stubborn and supportive all in the same - let’s keep this 6am pace going... You know you love it. 😘 And lastly to our competition Choco V, Hair Force One, Ya Mutha, Radio Active Teachers Thank You for keeping us motivated and on our toes... Know the Ms. Fits are up for Godzilla rematch any day any time! 😜