WeStrong is a community-orientated gym for those who are committed to full body health and fitness. The coaches try to give each client their full attention, support. They challenge without being over-bearing, foster a community not a competitive environment, and carefully plan each day’s work-out to help their clients achieve their full potential. Even though you give your maximum effort each day at WS you don’t even realize it because you are having so much fun – everyone gets seriously into the work, everyone helps each other out, and everyone wants to be there. Its beautiful downtown harbor location allow for runs and outside exercises alongside the water and with a full view of the Statue of Liberty.

There is a terrific rapport between Coach Omar, Coach JP and the WS community – you’ll find fellow ‘StrongMates’ together at holiday parties, weddings, and at tri-state athletic events. Though I am 50 years old, WS pushes me to stay active, strong, flexible, fit, and healthy and to not make any excuses for anything less than the best effort. I love WS. It’s a small gym with a huge heart, great energy, top flight work outs, and an awesome vibe. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
— Anna J. B. -- Jersey City, NJ
WeStrong has completely changed my perspective of fitness. I have increased strength and endurance and I know I will continue to progress. While the exercises are effective I would say the best part about WS is the community. The great coaching and supportive members are really what keep me coming back week after week
— Amy C.
...There’s nothing like a reality check to humble you down once you think you’ve done it all. I believed at one time that my cardio and endurance were my strongest elements. But after stepping into the lab you realize that you can be broken. Over and over again. I’m taking the time to spread the word about WS because:

1. It’s really great work.
2. You get to see what your true limitations are.
3. It’s family orientated.
4. It provides a sense of accomplishment as a team.

I can go on and on about WS but I would rather people come down and see it for themselves.
— Rich Carino
WeStrong is the only place in Jersey City for people with serious fitness goals. From the second I walked in the door, I felt welcomed by the coaches and the members. It is a great environment for people of all levels who want to improve their health, performance and appearance.
— Jerome F.
The coaches at WS are like no other and truly try to get know you and help you achieve your goals. The coaching there is what it should be, personal....The workouts at WS really push you to your limit and allow more variety. You never know what you are going to walk into which does not keep you bored. My body fat dropped about 6%, my weight about 10 lbs in those few months I was ‘killing it.”’Although my commute and wait time will be an hour and a half I think I will need to stay with WS til they move near me.
— Margaret B
I would have to rank WeStrong systems as one of the greatest single accomplishments of my life so far. The day I decided to take back control of my health and mental well being was made possible by WS.
— Simon S.
WeStrong is more than a gym, it is fun and it is family. That doesn’t mean it won’t challenge you at every level of fitness - it does. Be prepared to work hard and to have your abilities challenged - from body weight workouts to barbells and kettle bells, everyone is made comfortable being uncomfortable. The coaches at WS work with everyone individually as needed to address injuries or shortcomings. WS is for women and men - young and old. The members encourage and support each other. WS is my home.
— Karen C.
WeStrong has helped me find the body I lost after becoming a mom.
— Bess M.